While you might want all your wares to be the best of the best, unless you’re living a fairly lavish lifestyle, then you’ll need to budget at some point. However, there are several items where quality is critical, and let’s face it, the only way you can get the best rate is if you go for designer homewares. Not sure what you should be prioritising? Well, thankfully, this article will clarify any concerns you might have. So, if you want your new apartment or home looking decadent and well-maintained, you’ll need the best designer homewares in the market!

A minimalist coffee table

Coffee tables seem to have made a comeback recently, after peaking in the 1990s (thanks to “Seinfeld” and “Friends” particularly). There are several reasons why an unassuming coffee table is a must-have for any living room or entertaining space. Firstly, they fit in with almost any décor or interior design, making them versatile and practical. Secondly, a coffee table looks great with several well-placed books (and they don’t have to be expensive either)!

Classy hand soaps

A large block of soap is a thing of the past, plus hygiene-wise it isn’t exactly the best option. Retailers in designer homewares often have catalogues stacked with premium, high-end handwash soaps. Once you’ve picked a scent that you like (and one that you think will be popular with most people), switch your attention to finding some nifty, luxurious soap dispensers. Generally, it’s best to stick to neutral colours (like light grey or cream), since vibrant colours can be a bit of an eyesore and detract from the quality of your bathroom.

Proper wine glasses

You can get away with cheaper cups, glasses and chinaware; however, wine glasses are a different story. Indeed, getting yourself a nice, new set of wine glasses is a rite of passage for any new Aussie homeowner. How else are you supposed to celebrate one of the most significant milestones in your life? And you won’t have to break the bank either, with a set of 8 new wine glasses coming in at under $100 from most designer homewares stores.

A lovely cheeseboard

If you’re serving high-end French cheese on a regular plate, then you need to make a dramatic shift now to designer homewares. Spare your guests of the standard dinner cheese plate and switch to a lovely, wood-crafted cheeseboard should be on the top of your list. Why? Well, it looks fancy, doesn’t have to be too expensive and if you take good care of the wood, it’ll last for ages. It doesn’t have to be used for cheese either, you can spruce things up with cold meats, dips and raw vegetables for gatherings with friends and family.

A clock

It’s incredible how technology has destroyed the evolution of the traditional clock. Some modern homes don’t even have one anymore, with people just relying on their phones or other devices for the time. However, a clock is less about telling time and more about making a social statement. They can be expensive, but they don’t have to be, especially if you do your research and plan accordingly. You can get clocks built into the wall or go for a more traditional stand-alone clock that can sit on the mantelpiece. If you want something from a bygone era to act as a throwback to a simpler time, check out your local designer homewares for the best quality products.

So, it’s clear that there are a lot of items you should consider getting from a local store specialising in designer homewares. Remember, don’t rush your choices, do your research and have fun shopping!

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