We have already talked about what we should take into account when developing a new website for our company; we did in this post. Today we focus on something no less important. And those are other details that you must also keep in mind to never make mistakes that can cost you dearly. Let’s briefly see what those errors that can hinder the success of your project on the Internet are:

Use too many sources

It is essential that your page use few or only one type of font and be combined with bold or italics. If you use more than three, the client may see it as unprofessional or not clear to you what your image is. And of course, you should make sure they are easy to read.

Use many keywords

Although the truth is that SEO is essential to position ourselves, the key is to use some keywords naturally, not repeat again and again, because if so, Google will lower a few places in the ranking.

Compulsory music

It is good that your website has music in some section, but give the choice of clicking on “play” to the user, do not make it compulsory to listen to the music you offer on your website, because you may not like it and abandon it or be an annoyance.

Use low-quality images

When using images, make sure they look correct on the computer screen, tablet and mobile phone. It is essential that your corporate colors are displayed as they are so that the visitor can record in your mind the image of your company.

To have too many interactive messages

It is true that interactive notes are high to get visitors to your page to follow you on Facebook or sign up to your newsletter, but it is true that using too many makes others feel that we are heavy and end up getting tired.

Tell everything on the homepage

You have to tell something about yourself on the home page, but saying everything is a mistake because afterward, you will not have anything to show. So explain something about your company on the home page, but save your best weapons for the other pages or sections of your website.

Confusing navigation and weak structure of contents

The best thing is to put the user the simple things, that the sections are organized on our website, it is not difficult to find out where each type of content is, because we can be very original, but not to make it clear where the user should look for the information.

Careless links

It is necessary that, if we put a relationship, it is clear that there is something different that we can show the user, because if it is not information that does not reach them.

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