The Koru necklace is a delicate piece of jewellery that becomes a cherish item for those who are lucky enough to have one. Although their aesthetic appeal is obvious, they are designs that carry added cultural significance for the Maori people in New Zealand. The unfurling of the fern frond is a symbol of creation, illustrating a life cycle that is repeated generation after generation. To enjoy this product and obtain one of these valuables, customers can follow a series of steps that will point them to the perfect necklace.

Start With a Price Point

Consumers are looking out for their own interests when they shortlist a Koru necklace design according to their price point. By taking note of a number of websites, social media pages and offerings from local jewellery outlets, it will be easy to see what the expected prices are listed for. If they are set too cheap, then questions have to be asked about the authenticity of the material, but they should still not be pricing out community members across the board.

Examine Brand Reputation

It is vitally important that customers who are after the genuine article with a Koru necklace find that authentic piece they are seeking. This is a discussion topic that all comes back to the business. If they are either based in New Zealand or partnered with a supplier from the land of the long white cloud, then buyers will have confidence that they are not being sold a faux Koru design. Read the reviews, track the ratings and determine what the consensus is on the company.

Appropriate Colour Dynamics

Thankfully the Koru necklace is designed in a range of different colour schemes, providing participants with a chance to pick out an item that matches their personality and taste. Clients will be presented with the jade, greenstone, bone, wood, silver, white, purple and metallic varieties that outlets will sell to their constituents. This is a decision that comes down to select choice, determining what compliments a lovely top piece for users.

Suitable Size

Koru necklace with woven kite bag

The size of the Koru necklace will dictate the weight of the item and for those who are calculated about what becomes a good fit, this will be a key consideration. From the miniature to the regular and enlarged design profiles, take note of what will work and what is deemed a quality purchase according to their specifications.

Quality of Band Material

Even though the Koru carries a great amount of cultural significance, there is no question that the item is only as good as the band that resides around the product. From leather cords to cotton, hemp, beading wire, wire and beyond, take note of how these collections are put together, ensuring that the signature product won’t fall off and break.

Seeking a Comfortable Fit

Shoppers who are after these Koru brands want to know that the investment will reside comfortably around their neck, ensuring that they try out the material in real time. Of course this cannot be achieved for those who are buying over the web, leaving them to pay attention to the online commentary or to take a closer glance at online profiles through adverts and social media posts.

Shipping & Logistics

For those consumers who are a fair distance away from a Koru necklace supplier, they need to read up on the terms and conditions when it comes to shipping the item. From the mode of payment to the courier that is used, the expected arrival time, added fees and potential insurance measures, these are all components that will outline how reputable the business happens to be and how protected the client happens to be.

Participants who find an authentic Koru necklace will be delighted with their investment choice, integrating a piece that looks magnificent and symbolises life’s creation. Pay attention to the small details to avoid those faux knock off brands, ensuring that shoppers are able to take advantage of the real thing.

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