The statistics are clear. The weekend of the bridge of the Constitution is year after year the one of the higher flow of sales. And is that with the proximity of the holidays the consumer tends to be drunk by the environment and take advantage to make the bulk of their Christmas shopping.

Although the tradition demands going out and doing our Christmas shopping while we walk observing the lighting, if you have an online store, this weekend can also be an excellent opportunity for you and your business. It will be good to know some concepts of online advertising and remember which are the channels in which you can support your strategy.

Send newsletters to personalize your messages

Email marketing is going to be one of your allies for this weekend. Be sure to create flashy emails whose issues get the customer’s attention. Take advantage to detail in your content all the offers available in your store. Through specific applications, you can send emails automatically, in some cases free. Also, being an online store, the potential market will always be higher than if it were a local.

Help yourself from social networks

Never underestimate the power of dissemination of social networks, even if your store is not too big. These sources are a great way to promote your products.  The key is to be very active and have your profile updated. Today, a high percentage of consumers has social networks as their primary source of information. And not only to be aware of the political and social news, but also to discover possible “bargains.” So make the most of this trend, but with caution. The last thing you want is to become a spam account that nuzzles with thousands of notifications to the user. So you must be careful and optimize each publication.

Another formula to draw attention to your product is to make draws on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Offers discounts to encourage sales

They are a classic in the world of sales, but they do not fail. A good cut will always attract the attention of the consumer.  Times have changed, there are discounts of all kinds. One of the most popular and easy to manage is the configuration of a discount code.  If your store is in Prestashop, they are very easy to configure.

In the case of an online store, another right formula to attract customers is to eliminate during the promotional period the unpopular shipping costs or make a  “day without VAT,” taking charge of these expenses.

This series of simple recommendations will make you make a difference in this weekend of the year so conducive to sales.

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