60I certificates are essential when two family members don’t share the same views on how they should raise the children, leading to a major debacle. The first step when it comes to modifying the parent order is doing is aiming to resolve the conflict through mediation. However, that doesn’t always fix the problem leading to the requirement of a 60I certificate to take the unsettled couple to court for a parenting order. There are a lot of benefits from obtaining the 60I certificate; this includes making sure everyone gets a fair trade and finding the best solution for all parties. Getting help from a legal professional, such as our team at O’Sullivan Legal, will be highly beneficial to make sure you reap the most benefits from getting the accreditation. 

Let’s dive into what’s the fuss with the 60I certificate

What is a 60I certificate? 

It can be hard to see eye to eye for parents or other family members about the amount and manner to spend time with the children. It is based on the 1975 Family Law Act that prior to going to court, the family members in disagreement go to mediation. If both parties are looking to change the current parenting order, a 60I certificate can help you on your way to getting there. They are also required to acquire a Certificate of Attendance, otherwise known as a section 60I certificate. By going through mediation and making a genuine attempt to resolve their issues without a court, they will be able to obtain the certificate. With the help of a mediator, it should be able to work out finding a family dispute resolution. If there are still conflicting sides between both parties, a 60I certificate will ensure they will be able to attend court for parenting orders.

How can you get a 60I certificate? 

60I certificate

A 60I certificate, as mentioned in the previous section, can be obtained through attending mediation. The mediator, otherwise known as a family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP), will aim to resolve the issue without the need to go to court. This certificate is highly significant if both parties remain on different sides of the parenting matter to be able to take their case to court to change the parenting order. This will require a family solicitor’s assistance whom we provide a highly skilled team of legal experts at O’Sullivan Legal. They will provide you with the best family dispute resolution practitioner to be able to appropriately resolve all your parenting issues

What does the 60I certificate mean?

This document will outline information about the family dispute resolution practitioner that lead the mediation, details about both parties, and the results from the mediation process. It will note if both or either of the parties disapproved of attending, whether that matter requires to be taken to court and if the parties made sincerely attempted to fix the dispute. From there, it will move to the next step, which, if resolved, is done and dusted but, if not, will have to move onto a judicial hearing.

With a 60I certificate, this benefits family members whose parenting values are not aligned to fairly and evenly work through the debacle. This accreditation requires the help of a highly experienced legal professional who knows the best family dispute resolution practitioners who can conduct the mediation to ensure everyone gets what they want. This documentation will overall determine what the next step is for the couple moving forward. Bring families back together with a little support from our team of skilled solicitors at O’Sullivan Legal. 

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