There are dozens of reasons why people suddenly feel the need to make friends in Sydney. Whether they are new to a location, have lost people close to them or have been closed off from others in their life, it is perfectly natural to feel isolated and seeking human interaction.

Therapists and psychologists understand this instinct better than others, taking a scientific approach to a very common behavior that is never simple.

Much like romantic relationships, the points of attraction and the ties that bind are hard to assess and almost impossible to determine ahead of time.

This is an activity of trial and error at the best of times, but professionals have identified some actions that will allow men and women to make friends in Sydney quicker and easier.

Reflecting on Other Friends & Their Origin

Professionals who study the art of finding friends will first cover some obvious territory: who are considered friends at the moment or who has been friends in the past, and how did they happen to meet? For many this would have been through formal and informal circles, meeting up at primary school, high school, university, sports teams, work environments and within neighbourhoods. Reflecting on those experiences and gauging how easy it was to build those connections will be part of the process.

Determining Common Meet Up Locations

While COVID-19 has made the act of finding friends a greater challenge in 2020, there are still some common locations where people interact with one and other. Of course the workplace is the usual go-to option, but there are clear complications when it comes to professional and social boundaries that makes the exercise awkward for some parties. Think about the neighbourhood where walking paths, dog parks, sports fields, shopping centres and event locations are positioned.

Determining Common Interests

There is no question that common interests bind people together. This is true in 2020 as it has always been across human history. To make the project of finding friends a successful one, it is important to consider what are the interests of the individual and how does that manifest itself in meeting or talking with other people in society? Especially if there is serious passion about that topic, there is every chance there will be likeminded people wanting to share in that experience.

Remove Age as an Artificial Barrier

In an ideal world, it is nice finding friends who fit the same age profile. This will help with the notion of ‘common interests’ because there are plenty of activities that do not span age demographics. However, it is important to know that ‘old people’ meeting ‘young people’ and vice versa is perfectly natural. It is fascinating to find out new things about acquaintances who have different life experiences.

Assessing Online Options

With the online dating scene going from strength to strength in 2020, it makes sense that finding friends should transition from the offline to the online world as well. This is showcased with the advent of social media, allowing participants from all across the globe to interact via live streaming on Instagram, Facebook groups, Twitter threads, YouTube comments, Reddit forums and Zoom and Skype sessions.

One Step at a Time

Seeking new friends is not an activity that can be rushed. Despite the best of intentions, this is a means of identifying common bonds and interests and being able to enjoy each other’s company. This will take time and expectations should be tempered from the outset to avoid disappointment.

Naturally, there will be community members who consider finding friends a simple exercise. With higher levels of personal confidence and willingness to engage people, these events will occur over time. However, for others who are considered more introverted in their personality can experience more difficulties in this setting. Take note of these strategies that have been identified by psychologists and therapists and if the task appears too significant to overcome, book a session with trusted operators to improve on these skills and start to build connections.

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