In digital marketing, networks have gained a critical role, since they are an essential element regarding personalization and immediacy that characterize the current business form.

Social networks have become a vital tool to establish a direct and rapid communication channel with the client. This is where the figure of the community manager comes into play since it is he who carries out this communication with online clients.

Why is it so relevant?

Despite the investment of time and money that companies make in their different social networks (a minimum of 3, in general), many customers do not receive a response.

A higher volume of followers and messages in the networks means that you can respond to a smaller percentage of them, however, the key to a community manager being efficient is not necessarily that responds to all messages, but in knowing how to reply.

The example by antonomasia in Spain is the old community of the National Police and is that the ingenuity and the occurrences of their tweets in response to other twitters made it viral on more than one occasion. In this way, it achieved a notable impact on the police account and a better image regarding closeness to citizens.

On the other hand, their work is not only to respond to messages from users, but much of its role is to create content for the social network in question. That is, he is in charge of the publications of the brand, and this will largely depend on the degree of interest that awakens in the clients or the number of people reached thanks to the interaction achieved.

In short, this type of professional profile is configured as essential regarding digital marketing.

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