Quilters everywhere unite! There is a way you can get all your news and tips for quilting. Whether you’re a rookie or a solid professional, Make Modern is an online quilt magazine making sure you get the best access to quilting tips to help you become a better quilter. The content you can expect on these publications is quilt patterns to help you make your own quilts, articles, interviews, and book recommendations to give you an in-depth look at the quilting world. Once you try quilt magazine subscription, you’ll realize that it’s not just a hobby – it is a lifestyle. 

Here are the key features in an online quilt magazine that makes it alluring to readers everywhere 

Quilt patterns 

This online quilt magazine includes ten different quilting patterns by ten different quilting artists. There are a variety of different patterns, styles, and colours, giving you many options to choose from depending on your personal preference. These come with instructions giving you steps on how to do a beautiful quilting project. You can easily find one that is perfect for you to give it a go. This online quilt magazine gives you the motivation you need to fulfill your hobbies, making you become a better quilter. 

Well-written articles 

In this online quilt magazine, we have many different articles showcasing many different areas about quilting life. This includes guides for beginners to intermediate quilters getting the best tips and tricks to better their craft projects. On this online quilt magazine get to read stories behind the quilt being made to help inspire other quilting artists. Sections of Make Modern’s articles include Smash that Stash, Modern Quilting, Tips + Techniques, The Hustle, Meet the Maker and other feature pieces. These articles explore various different quilting ideas in order to help you become the best quilter you can be. 


You get to hear the backstories of other quilting artists in Make Modern’s segment of ‘Meet the Maker’. In Meet the Maker, quilters are asked a series of questions stitching inspirational ideas and swapping stories of their life and how they got where they are today. These quilters offer their best tricks and tips in order to get quilting hobbyists the best methods for their projects. Hear as they answer important questions from readers, such as in the segment Ask the Maker where quilting artists provide their opinions on how they do certain actions in quilting, such as how they store their scraps or their inspirations for their quilting artwork. Maybe one day, you will be in the online quilting magazine being questioned for an interview. 

Book Recommendations 

Each issue of online quilting magazine, Make Modern, has a variety of different books that are suggested for quilting hobbyists to read. Expand your horizons with a series of book recommendations providing quilting techniques, tips, history, and autobiography to help increase your knowledge of the quilting world. You can expect a good variety of books to keep you up to date on the modern world of quilting. Take advice from the experts who can provide you with suggestions to keep your interest alive. 

An online quilt magazine is the best medium for all your crafting needs providing the best news and advice to make sure your quilting A-game is strong. There is a variety of different content done, such as quilt patterns, feature articles, and interviews about various quilt creators that that will provide the best tips and tools to improve your quilting projects. With these various features, you can expect an online quilting magazine that will make you the best quilter you can be. 

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