Everyone has encountered images of some top rated criminal lawyers in Melbourne in public settings.

From television commercials to posters, billboards, radio spot and Facebook advertisements, these legal representatives need to have a capacity to push their own brand and image to local constituents.

Yet there can be a difference between the qualities that are presented in these formats and those that are valued by clients in-person and other peers and colleagues in the industry.

When the rubber meets the road and a defendant or a plaintiff requires expert representation, they need to meet a specific benchmark to ensure their time is not wasted.


Passion For Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers in Melbourne who love their profession are always a step or two ahead of their peers who are simply operating under external expectations or just to pay the bills. From defence lawyers who seek to mitigate the risks against their clients to prosecutors who are trying to secure a conviction for the plaintiff, the passion and personal drive to succeed underpins much of the success that is experienced in this demanding niche. It is also not difficult to identify which professionals have that passion for their work, dedicating their time and energy to obtaining that positive verdict for their client.


Eye For Detail

The smallest of details can be the difference between a winning case and a losing one for criminal lawyers in Melbourne. From something as insignificant as the inflexion of the voice in a witness’s testimony to an inconsistency with a banking record, the changing of hands of a vehicle or the presence of one individual at one specific location, this has the potential to be groundbreaking if utilised correctly. That is where an eye for detail comes into play, leveraging a natural instinct and a skill for checking, double-checking and cross-reference key forms of information. That is an asset truly valued within the industry and separates the decent operators from the greats.


Sympathetic to Client Cause

lawyer-client talking

There is no textbook definition about how criminal lawyers in Melbourne should relate or convey to their client on a sympathetic counsel. Their role is to remove emotion from the equation and to ensure they are providing expert counsel at all times. However, a degree of sympathy or even empathy in some cases can help to establish trust between the two parties and ensure that there is no doubt over the motivation levels to ultimately succeed. Given the nature of criminal cases and the consequences they face, it can be difficult not to be invested on a personal level for Melbourne constituents.



Unfortunately there can be a degree of duplicity when it comes to the conduct of criminal lawyers in Melbourne, particularly those whose clients have been difficult to deal with. No matter how much chaos or challenges are thrown their way behind the scenes, they have to display an image of calm and assurance. Yet in most instances this duplicity is not necessary as transparent professionals are cherished and championed in the industry. The more the client knows, the easier it will be to understand the next step in the process. Certain details might need to be kept confidential for the client’s best interests, but the rest should be on the table for their consumption.


Ability to Convince & Negotiate

Convincing others of a position they were previously against or ambiguous towards is a key characteristic that criminal lawyers in Melbourne love to possess. By using an established set of facts and the credibility of their client as the framework, they will be able to talk witnesses, jury members or a judge into believing their side of the argument through persuasive language, correct pacing and tone of their cadence and strategic use of direct and circumstantial forms of evidence. Negotiation is another characteristic highly valued by clients and other professionals, coming to the table to find a plea deal or agreement that minimises the risk.


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